promoting in the various national and international centres the general interests of Aerospace SMEs, by means of suitable contracts with the Private/Public agencies of competence;  
  tackling the fundamental problems of the Aerospace market also by elaborating, monitoring and observing activities on the field;  
  promoting and examining the legislative, administrative, economical and financial provisions that are of interest of its Associates;
  promoting and organising collective participation in industrial and commercial fairs, carrying out the relative actions of press and public relation;  
  encouraging companies to work together and form consortia capable of working in programs that they would otherwise be unable to deal with individually;  
  promoting actions with the larger enterprises and Public Agencies so that the potentiality and the capability of the SME become adequately valued from a market point of view;  
  joining other national and international Associations or Agencies in the interest of its Associates;  
  supplying an information service, to interested external Agencies, about general matters related with the Aerospace field.  


The Association is represented by the President, Giovanni Sylos Labini, and the Vice-President Lanfranco Zucconi.



Today AIPAS is made up of about 28 members, including 2 Consortia, thus representing indirectly about 50 companies.

AIPAS provides services to companies offering a diverse range of technical expertise and products, all targeted at space applications. The diversity of the Association's members is one of its key strengths because it can provide an invaluable resource to the SME that is looking for expertise that complements its own capabilities.



May 11-12, 2009 Rome, Hotel Quirinale

Space SMEs in Europe: from birth to maturity. International and national policies to support innovation and competitiveness in space related SMEs








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