We are glad to announce that our member RedCat Devices srl and Argentine company ARSULTRA S.A. have signed a development and marketing cooperation agreement on November 26th, fostering their collaboration after several years of cooperation, meetings, participation to conferences and joint interchanges.

The agreement aims to trigger common business opportunities in the space market and realize research activities for the development of new processors suitable for the space environment to be implemented firstly on ARSULTRA on-board computers.

This strategic alliance will enable both companies to represent each other in their respective markets and to trigger new technologies and new products both for space market and industrial applications requiring a high level of reliability.

First of all, the agreement officialize the on-going collaboration focused on the design and the development of rad-hard processors for space and then to continue in the evaluation of manufacturing silicon sources to establish a reliable technological platform where to make growing what it is expected to become a family of rad-hard microcontrollers and microprocessors.

This agreement between the two companies represents a milestone both for joint market opportunities and for the development of new technologies with high added value in a market becoming more and more dynamic year after year.

The agreement between two private high-tech companies, moreover, represents a clear answer to the already existing, and recently reinforced, agreement at national level between Italy and Argentina.