AIPAS workshop “New Space Economy: Challenges and Opportunities to Harmonize Policy, Industry and Research in the Space Sector” was held yesterday, February 20th, 2019, at the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in Rome.

Elisabetta Trenta, Ministro della Difesa, durante il suo intervento al workshop AIPAS.
Elisabetta Trenta, Minister of Defence, during her speech at the AIPAS workshop.

About 200 guests attended the event, among them representatives of the ASI, the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission, national institutions, industry and academy.

Piero Benvenuti, Special Commissioner of the Italian Space Agency, recognised in his introduction how the AIPAS workshop represents an important opportunity in a crucial moment to discuss the New Space Economy and also the developing national position about the ESA Ministerial Council which will be held next November.

«The reform of Italian space governance that took effect on February 25th, 2018», as Elisabetta Trenta, Minister of Defence, underlined in her speech, «[…] gives a boost to the national space economy, strengthening it in the European framework, and represents a great opportunity for a better connection between politics, industry and research». «The New Space», the Minister added, «is replacing the traditional model. In this process, Italy must be at the forefront with a series of both public and private initiatives».

Il Commissario Benvenuti, il Ministro Trenta, il Presidente AIPAS Rossettini e l'Amm. Sq. Massagli.
Commissioner Benvenuti, Minister Trenta, AIPAS President Rossettini and Vice Admiral Massagli.

The workshop design included four sessions, in which institutions, industry, research and academy debated on the origin and evolution of the New Space Economy. Keynote speaker of the sessions were: Vice Admiral Carlo Massagli, Military Advisor of the Italian Prime Minister, Anilkumar Dave (ASI), Michele Castorina (ESA) and Emanuele Barreca ( European Commission).

«The workshop aim», as Luca Rossettini, AIPAS President and D-Orbit CEO, «is to connect the main actors of the space sector, namely Italian and European institutions, traditional market industry and representatives of the rising new space market, with the aim to adjust the vision of the entire sector toward an Italian growth even beyond the national borders».

Debated topics include:

  • research as a fundamental element for industry growth;
  • the evolution of the space sector, now a strategical field in which industry competitiveness meets the ability to offer services and applications, and that is able to generate a true Space Economy;
  • the beginning of the New Space, a new mission model with innovative contents focalised on the role of space technologies and applications in tackling global challenges;
  • the New Space, as a global trend that includes investments in technological progress that foster the development of a private space industry driven by commercial purposes.
AIPAS co-founders Lanfranco Zucconi and Giovanni Sylos Labini and AIPAS President Luca Rossettini.

This event was also a good occasion to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Association in a proper location: the ASI headquarters where, thanks to the partnership in activities aimed to strengthen the national space sector, AIPAS participates at a consultation permanent table with the other two trade associations.

As recollected by Giovanni Sylos Labini, AIPAS Past President and Planetek CEO, during his inspirational talk on AIPAS first 20 years, «since its birth, AIPAS is an actor particularly devoted to innovation and development issues, offering also an important platform for good cooperation between SMEs and large enterprises».

Thanks to its members’ diversity and competitiveness, AIPAS has expertises in all the different areas of the space sector, such as Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation, Telecommunications, Space Transports, Science and Exploration, and Integrated Applications.