AIPAS is pleased to welcome a new member: Officina Stellare S.p.A.

Officina Stellare is an international engineering company, with a solid background in designing and manufacturing optomechanical system instrumentation for Ground based telescopes and Space applications.

Officina Stellare can easily be referenced worldwide for its expertise in managing complex engineering projects, delivering complete turn-key custom designed optical systems.
Flexibility, time to application, cost-effectiveness and a smart-thinking attitude of the organizational structure, are at the base of our success.

Thanks to an engineering team, an optical manufacturing lab, a skilled AIV team working with state-of-the-art technologies, the full production cycle is kept in-house with remarkable cost savings for our final customers. Officina Stellare gathers together professionals from a variety of engineering domains, from aerospace to mechanics, from optics to electronics, computer sciences and astronomy.

The in-house optical design and manufacturing lab can design and manufacture space and ground-based optical systems up to 1-m diameter aperture.

Officina Stellare is also contributing to the field of Space Observation with challenging projects; from space-borne telescopes for satellite constellations, to space telescope design for multispectral Earth observations and Cubesat R&D projects, laser communication systems.

In this field, Officina Stellare offers a TRL-9 expertise level on low cost, high performance, high replicability and reliability design space telescopes for Earth surface imaging. This has been possible also thanks to the some new materials “space qualification” we obtained, which guaranteed us cost effective solutions and new opportunities.