favicon representing the Members’ (SMEs and not) interests at national and international levels;
favicon promoting the solution to the principal problems of the Space sector, collaborating with international, national and regional Interested Authorities, Associations, Institutions and other bodies, both public and private, elaborating also a monitoring activity of the sector;
favicon carrying out information activity and assistance towards its Members, fostering the coordination and the cohesion spirit;
favicon carrying out and promoting study and research activities with reference to Space even with publications and conferences;
favicon joining other Associations or similar entities that aim at promoting the general interests of their Members;
favicon carrying out any activity useful in order to reach the objectives of the Association;
favicon partecipating in the most relevant national and international sector events;
favicon promoting the Members activities through the diffusion of informative material and the management of the Association website;
favicon providing on-demand additional services.
AIPAS has 45 Members so far, among which 5 Large Companies, 2 Consortia and 38 SMEs, for a total of  1.400 emploeeys and an overall turnover of more than 175 Milion euro.